"In my body of work, I concentrate on figurative und portraiture expressions, always within the principle theme of femininity and beauty in all its forms while keeping a distance to any form of perfection.


Portraits are most interesting for me as they convey all the emotions of a person. A part of us that we can´t cover up with something. The face remains pure and always shows our expression or a feeling. Life is made up of so many different feelings – joy and anxiety, fear and happiness. This cocktail of emotions find its way into a painting. It serves as a mirror for the viewer and lives in the eye of those who look at it.  Leaving it up to the viewer to interpret what they are seeing and what they might feel by looking at it. 

I like to use a bright palette of numerous nuances of color for expressive and strong markings with selected little details that may take some time to discover. I get influenced by colors of the season or simply draw back a color reference to my work as a designer. "